Digital Asset Strategy

Whether it is a website, a mobile app, paid search, a newsletter or a social presence, you need a foundation to help ensure that the marketing efforts on your digital assets does not fall flat. With a tailored strategy for your product or organization's message to have digital products support each other, successful outcomes are more likely.

Good strategies are something that are also living documents to be referred to, understood and shared with all stakeholders, but are not to be put on a shelf and admired. They require regular review, updating and sometimes wholesale rewriting depending on new or emerging technologies.

Paid Search and Organic SEO

When one is looking for a product or service, they generally start with a search. Sometimes it is for a specific site - in which case you should be able to ensure that you are easily found with the proper optimization. This is called SEO or search engine optimization. The results normally returned are organic search results.

Other times, you might want to provide an alternative to the specific product or service that is turning up in the organic search. One can do this by using a Paid Search effort to display effective ads to display along side organic search results for a very reasonable budget.

Product Development

Websites, fan pages, content, mobile solutions, e-newsletters and banner advertising all require effective design, interface, and architecture to allow the user or viewer to ensure a great experience with digital products.

With experience in building and designing products, identity and architecture solutions for company’s large and small, textureweb can provide tailored solutions that are top quality, effective and professional - but not at the cost that an agency hurdled with account managers, extensive and costly creative 'think tanks' and extended office resources, has to cover with high hourly rates.

Metrics and Research

How do you know if you need to renovate a website to work across platforms such as tablet and mobile?

How will you determine if your posts to social platforms are reaching the people you need it too?

That monthly budget for advertising on a news media website. Could it be better used as a Paid Search campaign? If so how can you tell if it is working?

This is the reason why digital marketing must entail a review of the numbers and a report in an easily understandable manner.

What does @textureweb offer?

Probably a lot more than can be fit in this box.

To create great marketing efforts in digital format, you need to be sure that the expertise you employ will be versed in all forms of digital marketing. And not just versed, but a brain trust.

One based on more than two decades of building, managing and strategic thinking within the telco, dot-com, start-up and agency fields, you will be sure to get the best of breed solutions from textureweb.

Digital Marketing

Sometimes this can be a confusing term. Digital marketing mainly entails:

  • Paid Search
  • Digital advertising
  • Social Management
  • Digital Strategies
  • Newsletters
  • Metrics analysis
  • Mobile apps & advertising
  • Responsive websites