Digital Marketing 101

Basically it's about digital formats

See the extended infographic - 2013 and Digital Marketing from Google on the textureweb blog


Your online efforts should not be limited to a website, or pursue a mobile app or only so a paid search campaign in and of itself. These are all parts of a larger commitment to develop a proper marketing plan in the digital landscape. All efforts to market - including how and when to tweet on twitter - should be coordinated and tightly bonded.

"New technologies are, helping brands, agencies and publishers reach today’s constantly connected consumers more easily and effectively than ever. Creative got more intelligent, campaigns spanned screens and formats, media buying went real-time, and new metrics for success emerged. Here’s a look at the big shifts that redefined the industry this year—and for many to come." - Google Think Insights

A great digital marketer will have these core skills to make your endevours successful. These are not nice to have, but requirements. Something textureweb can help you with:

  • Content Competencies

    Has the experience dealing with content and able to work that content to generate more through user generated topics in social media, or has worked with traditional mediums.

  • Analytical Analysis

    Knows how to take raw data from analytical and reporting methods and hone it down to enable you to understand it and not have to wade through technobabble.

  • Design Acumen

    Strong design skills that ensure that your design needs are a fit for the platform you are tailoring your message for.

  • Technical Acumen

    - understands the limitation and the opportunities that go with different marketing efforts in the digital environment.

  • Research Driven Actions

    Can generate research and has research on hand to help you with the knowledge to succeed in areas you may not understand.

  • Big vs. Small Business Requirements

    Has worked with both large and small organizations and can tailor the requirements and needs of the efforts accordingly to the requested outcome and budgets.

  • A Great Communicator

    Really that is it. A proven communicator through presentation, personal and in team environments.

  • Projects on Call

    Has projects that are still strong and alive and can give examples of efforts similar to your needs.

  • Leads by Example

    Blogs, posts, tweets educates and shows the proof in the pudding by leading by example.